Penny is a chestnut quarter horse mare foaled in 1999 who arrived here the spring of 2014 as a horse deemed hopeless by several trainers. Our farm family met her in Delaware and quickly surmised she was far from hopeless if we helped her find who she was meant to be. We accepted her in our program and surely she began to shine. She carries an amazing load here at Lasata. She's faithful, steady, kind and careful with her riders. Her forte has become building confidence in new riders and helping riders with disabilities realize their true equestrian potential. She's marked accordingly in that the arrow blaze on her face reminds us who sent her our way. 


"Chip" Rellims Lil Chip

Beau arrived here in 2010 as a 3 year old needing some education. After graduation, he went home with his owner until Fall of 2015. His owner wanted more for Beau's life so he made his home here. He is a dark bay mule who should have been born a golden retriever. He loves deeply. People can't help but smile at him, be it his antics, his funny looks, or his loud bray. Beau is trained under saddle english or western. He has the most elegant movements you will see from a mule, as if he floats on air. 
Foaled in 1997 as a black and white paint, this dude is so much fun! And smart...let me just tell you. He has had world class training in the western and hunter-jumper realms. He spent his younger days cleaning up blues at western pleasure shows and enjoying endless trail rides with his owner Kate. As he as aged he has become a flea-bitten gray and white paint but his life did not fade with his color. He adores kids and is a wonderful teacher for the trot and lope. He is also a huge asset to our EAP program in that he quickly sees truth in people and helps them to do the same. 





Sophie is a quarter horse/belgium cross who is an amazing teacher for those patient to learn. She's opinionated and determined, yet a team player when she feels safe, purposeful and valued. She's the boss applesauce. She's the herd leader except when she's scared, then she looks to the little steeds for assurance. Sophie is sturdy and strong with a wide base of support perfect for those with challanged balance. Her resume includes fox-hunting and carriage driving. 
Max was born in 1993. He is a buckskin pony who has taught countless kids how to ride. He was utilized as a camp pony for years over the summer months at a camp in Chester Springs. He also spent many a day on the hunt field. He will showcase himself proudly over ground poles and small fences. He is now semi-retired. He enjoys grooming sessions, walk and trot lessons with little tikes, grain slushies and munching lush green grass with the very few teeth he has left in his head. 
Zoe is a gray and white paint Jenny foaled in 2012. She is a precious soul with the kindest spirit. She will sit in your lap if you allow her to. Zoe is owned by the Kilmartin family who graciously allows her to be part of our programs here at Lasata. Zoe is a wonderful teacher of ground work tactics and is gifted in making the little folks feel safe. She can even give them rides. 
Jonah's lot in life is to make people smile. His giftedness was evident the moment we met. In 2007, we "rescued" 3 year old Jonah from a cemetary in inner-city Baltimore where a llama was setting out to eat him alive. He demands attention and will hee-haw his way right into your heart. He loves to be groomed, is instramental in equine assisted psychotherapy and learning sessions and is an ace in the hole when it comes time to teaching patience. He wants me to tell you, no one gallops and bucks simultaneously as well as he can. Come see for yourself. You're guanranteed to get the giggles.