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Lasata Farm provides a holistic approach to a
balanced seat riding instruction
for beginners through advanced riders
using our horses or yours.
We are a facility capable, qualified and certified
to work with riders with disabilities. 
We hold certifications in Centered Riding, PATH International and Thorncroft Equestrian Center's Certification for Riders with Disabilites with extensive studies in horse communication and natural horsemanship approaches. 
At this time we are capable of accommodating many populations of riders with disabilities. Please contact us to see if our facilities can serve your riding needs.
At Lasata Farm we teach all aspects of horsemanship within our lesson structure. We believe aspiring horse people should be exposed to and educated in all realms of care and management of horses and their necessities. Regardless of the horse person's abilities, we strive to educate them in equine communication skills necessary for both on and off the horse.
We primarily teach using English equipment, however several of our horses can accommodate Western equipment if the rider so desires or if it is necessitated.  
Lessons are one hour in duration or less depending on the age of the rider. Lesson times include help with grooming and preparing the horse before the lesson and after care. If the rider is capable of preparing the horse without assistance, the lesson time is 45 minutes. 
We primarily offer private and semi-private lesson structures. 
Please contact us to discuss your riding needs and your availability.